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About Our Youth Hostel

International Student Center | Sponsoring Organization | Who's Who & What's What


International Student Center
(A friendly Youth Hostel in Manhattan)

Dear friends . . .

Welcome to the International Student Center! This can be your home away from home. We embrace diversity and we celebrate the multicultural experiences of our earth community.As a not for profit youth hostel, the International Student Center is committed to creating a safe space for nurturing cultural and educational experiences through exposure, conversations, passionate debates, friendships, and those moments of silence….

We welcome young people ~ students, wanderers, the nomad, and the monk (between the ages of 18 and 35) ~ traveling through New York City to visit us and be our guest.All guests must hold an international passport or other government-issued ID.

A great travel destination in the USAConveniently located on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, the International Student Center is housed in a historical brownstone building in a beautiful and safe residential neighborhood, a hop-step-and-jump from Central Park. We are also easy to find, half-a-block away from the local"C" and "B" subway trains; and two blocks away from the "1" subway train, besides easily accessible by bus and taxi too.


Sponsoring Organization

International Student Center | Sponsoring Organization | Who's Who & What's What

Association for World Travel Exchange, Inc. (AWTE, Inc.)
The International Student Center is administered by the AWTE, Inc.

Since 1953 AWTE, Inc. has been committed to peace and justice through educational and cultural exchange programs ~ both within the USA and internationally. As a not for profit educational organization that promotes better understanding between peoples and cultures, the AWTE,
through its three programs . . .

. . . nurtures the purpose of experiential education and creating friendships
among children, youth, and adults.

Who's Who and What's What

International Student Center | Sponsoring Organization | Who's Who & What's What

  • Suresh Paul :: Suresh is the Executive Director of the organization, responsible for all matters related to the International Student Center, the International Counselor Exchange Program, and the Arts for PEACE initiative. Suresh has been involved with the organization since 1994, and is the founder of the Arts for PEACE initiative & the Arts for PEACE Gallery.
  • William Andriano :: William is the Front Desk Manager. His duties range from administrative work, supervising the staff; from accommodating guests, to emergency procedures. He has been working at the Student Center since 1996, and participated in the ICEP summer program in 1995 as an international counselor here in New York.


Welton Smith
died at the International Student Center in February 2006. Welton was our Poet in residence,
besides being a facilitator for in-depth conversations on several historical matters and
contemporary concerns. He was associated with the Student Center for over 30 years,
and we will miss him enormously!

International Student Center | Sponsoring Organization | Who's Who & What's What


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