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What Our Guests Say About Us

"This place helps us feel comfortable and the staff are very friendly,"
Kyoko, Japan

"Thank you for helping me feel at home, and for the fascinating tips to make the best of my short stay in New York City,"
Andrew, Scotland.

"I have been visiting New York City every winter for over ten years, and the International Student Center has become my home away from Europe,"
Dino, Italy.

"You guys are located in a great place. This is a lovely residential neighborhood, and so convenient to the subway, the restaurants, Central Park, the River Hudson. I'll surely be back here when I visit New York next time. Thank you,"
Giselle, France.

"Ooh, a summer garden in Manhattan. This is unbelieveable! This is a great youth hostel. Wish I could stay longer here,"
Kiran, India.

"We like this place. Thank you for all your help and suggestions. We'll be back next year,"
Utz & Claudia, Germany.

"It feels good to see such an international representation on your staff. This is a friendly youth hostel,"
Anna, Brazil.


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